05 Jan

Did you ever had a sequenced-dream? I did. A sequenced-dream here means a dream that you experienced in a sleep on one day that sequenced later on, probably on the next days. At least, the scenes, events or the actors in your first dream appeared partly or wholly in your successive dream.

The first dream I experienced in my sleep on the early morning of the first day of 2009. The sequenced-dream appeared while I was taking a nap on the next day. Here are those dream:

Dream One:

I was washing my hands in a wash basin of a public toilet when a guy stood beside me, intended to wash his hands too. From the huge mirror on the wall infront of us, I could see that the guy was someone I knew, Heri, my classmate in MMUI Jakarta. However, I felt a little doubt because Heri had an identic twin brother whom was not an MMUI student, and therefore might not recognized me. I smiled and said, ” Hi Heri…” He rose his head and looked at me from the mirror and smiled, ” Hi Son… long time no see. How are you doing?” That’s all our brief conversation because he excused me to went away due to some urgent business

Dream Two:

I was driving in town, most likely Pekanbaru, with my wife and my only boy. As I stopped on a traffic light which showed red, a motorbike stopped just on the right hand side of my car, wearing no helmet. I could see clearly that it was Heri. When the light turn to green, I followed the bike into a plaza, looks like Makro, and park beside his motorbike. I opened my window and shout, ” Hi Heri, where are you going? Do you also work in Pekanbaru right now?” That guy smiled at me and said, “I am not Heri. I am his twin brother. You must be his classmate that he met yesterday as he told?”

Those two dreams ended just like that and without a clue. Normally, I do not want to be bothered alot by the dreams I had. But, this kind of unique dreams (at least this is the first time for me to experience) makes me thinking and guessing about what might happen or what does it intended to tell me. I have lost my contact with Heri a few years ago and I’ve never think about him lately. Hmm… Do I have to let it go (as thousand times before) or do I have to find out what is it all about?

Pekanbaru, 3 Januari 2009


Posted by on January 5, 2009 in Santai


2 responses to “Sequenced-Dream

  1. speedracer

    January 9, 2009 at 7:49 am

    Wow your dreams were awesome.. I also had several sequenced-dreams as you experienced. For your case, I think that your friend is trying to contact you too. Do you believe in telepathy? A friend of mine told me that when you really want to contact someone, you can simply think about that person. Try to figure his/her back part of his/her head.. Then send your message.. That is quite silly I think. I haven’t try it by the way.. But there are unique connections that I can’t deny such as the connection between a mother and a child, or husband and wife, etc. You’d better try to contact your old pal. Is it still hard to find an old friend nowadays? I don’t think so

  2. soyjoy76

    January 12, 2009 at 1:26 am

    Aha…telepathy!! I’ll try that one. Thanks for visiting my blog, pal


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